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Empowering Black Excellence: 924 CoOperative's Commitment to Diversity

At 924 CoOperative, we believe in fostering a diverse and inclusive marketing landscape. Our founder, Sequoyah “DataBae” Glenn, is a champion for this mission, having established the Black Marketers Coalition (BMC) in 2019 and co-founded CultureMRx (CMX) in 2022.

Black Marketers Coalition logo

The BMC’s Impact:

  • Building Relationships: The BMC fosters a network of support and collaboration for Black marketing professionals. This empowers them to navigate the industry with confidence and cultural understanding.
  • Elevating Black Voices: Through initiatives like the “IYKYK” web series (find similar content on YouTube), the BMC provides a platform for open conversations and insights from Black marketing experts.
  • Celebrating Achievements: The BMC champions the contributions of Black marketers by establishing National Black Marketers Day, celebrated annually on November 16th.

national black marketers day

Our Commitment to You:

924 CoOperative is dedicated to promoting diversity within our own team and across the marketing industry. We believe that a variety of perspectives leads to more creative and effective marketing strategies.

Ready to join us in building a more inclusive marketing landscape?

Contact 924 CoOperative today and learn how we can help you achieve your marketing goals with a diverse and talented team.

culturemrx logoCultureMRx is a professional organization, for Black insights professionals and their allies, built on three core pillars:

  • Collaboration: Fostering a strong network of support and knowledge sharing for Black market research professionals.
  • Upskilling: Providing access to educational resources and professional development opportunities to help Black researchers excel in the field.
  • Fellowship: Cultivating a sense of community and belonging for Black market researchers.

The Impact of CultureMRx:

  • With over 350 members, CultureMRx, alongside the Black Marketers Coalition, is making a significant impact on the marketing research industry.

  • 924 CoOperative’s Commitment:

    We believe in the power of diverse perspectives to drive more insightful and impactful marketing research. We are committed to supporting organizations like CultureMRx that champion inclusion and empower Black excellence in the field.

    Ready to join us in building a more inclusive marketing research landscape?

    Contact 924 CoOperative today and let’s discuss how we can leverage the power of diversity to elevate your research projects.