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Case Studies

Boosting Brand Awareness for a Boutique Research Firm


A boutique research firm lacked a dedicated marketing lead, hindering brand awareness and customer acquisition efforts. Their goal was to establish a strong brand presence and attract new clients.


924 CoOperative partnered with the research firm to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy aligned with their sales strategy and overall organizational goals.

Our Approach:

  • Integrated Marketing Strategy: We created a cohesive marketing plan that seamlessly integrated with their sales efforts. This ensured all marketing activities supported the firm’s broader business objectives.
  • Organic Social Media Optimization: We leveraged organic social media strategies to increase brand visibility. This included improving content, optimizing profiles, and implementing targeted campaigns.
  • Content Creation: We developed a mix of new marketing collateral, including print and digital materials, to showcase the firm’s expertise and attract potential clients.
  • Marketing Analytics & Insights: We implemented robust marketing analytics to track campaign performance, measure key metrics (bounce rate, new users, page views), and identify areas for optimization.


Within a two-month timeframe, the 924 CoOperative strategy delivered significant results:

  • Increased Brand Awareness: Organic social media efforts led to a nearly 10% improvement in bounce rate, indicating greater user engagement. Additionally, new user acquisition rose by 24%, and page views grew by 65%, showcasing a significant increase in website traffic.
  • Actionable Data & Insights: Marketing analytics provided valuable data that the research firm could leverage to further refine their customer acquisition efforts.

social media dashboard case study 1

The Takeaway:

This case study demonstrates the power of a well-executed marketing strategy in boosting brand awareness and driving customer acquisition. By partnering with 924 CoOperative, the boutique research firm gained a competitive edge and achieved significant results within a short timeframe.

Unlocking Deeper Audience Insights for Broadcast Media Group


A broadcast media group partnered with 924 CoOperative to analyze a quantitative research survey encompassing 16 US markets. The initial project scope was 3 months, but the rich data unearthed during analysis necessitated a deeper dive. However, the client lacked the bandwidth to hire and train additional staff to meet this expanded timeframe.


Leveraging extensive media research expertise, 924 CoOperative’s Principal Analyst employed a multifaceted approach:

  • Advanced Data Exploration: Beyond the limitations of the client’s existing survey tool, our Principal utilized QuestionPro’s advanced analytics to perform intricate data cross-tabulations and download raw data.
  • Data Visualization with Tableau: The downloaded data was then imported into Tableau, a powerful visualization tool. This enabled the creation of insightful charts and graphs, such as word clouds, that revealed audience sentiment with unparalleled clarity.
  • Collaborative Efficiency: Our Principal worked seamlessly with the client’s internal team to expedite data incorporation into their PowerPoint presentation. This freed up the client’s resources to focus on crafting a compelling data narrative.


The combined expertise of 924 CoOperative and the client’s internal team yielded significant outcomes:

  • Actionable Audience Insights: Utilizing advanced data exploration techniques, the project unearthed deeper audience sentiment across all 16 US markets.
  • Justified Resource Allocation: The compelling data story presented by the client, facilitated by 924 CoOperative’s work, empowered them to secure additional internal resources for establishing a more agile research approach.
  • Data-Driven Content Recommendations: Based on the audience insights gleaned, the project ultimately led to recommendations for optimizing the client’s media content for enhanced audience engagement.

Powering Website Success with Data-Driven Insights for National Salon Franchise


A marketing agency partnered with 924 CoOperative to tackle website challenges for a national salon franchise. The existing website’s disorganized data hindered user behavior understanding, and its functionality failed to meet modern consumer expectations.


Leveraging our expertise in website analytics, 924 CoOperative provided a comprehensive solution:

  • In-depth Google UA Data Audit: We conducted a thorough audit of the client’s existing Google Universal Analytics (UA) data to identify areas for improvement.
  • Strategic GA4 Migration: Recognizing the future of website analytics, we recommended migration to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), ensuring the client benefits from its advanced capabilities.
  • Actionable Measurement & Tagging Strategy: We crafted a customized measurement and tagging strategy for the redesigned website. This strategy aligned with the salon franchise’s specific goals and desired user actions.

tag management


Over a 6-month timeframe, the collaborative effort between 924 CoOperative and the marketing agency yielded significant results:

  • Website Rebuilt for Success: The website was completely redesigned, incorporating the data-driven insights and tagging strategy. This ensured the new website was optimized for data collection and analysis, empowering future marketing efforts.
  • Enhanced Data Collection: With the new GA4 setup and strategic tagging, the website is now equipped to gather valuable user behavior data for years to come.
  • Client Confidence & Partnership: Impressed by our expertise, the marketing agency entrusted 924 CoOperative with ongoing tag management, a critical aspect of website data collection.

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