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Who Dat?

They say who dat? We say we dat!

We are a powerful group of multicultural marketers and seek to bring you the best strategies and execution, authentique representation, and straight fire in anything we touch! Rather it’s redesigning resumes for marketers, or analyzing what consumers think of your brand – we approach work in a data-driven way to yield the best results.

What we’ve been called to do..

924 CoOp, A MultiCultural Agency, is an independent agency based out of Atlanta, GA. We are a CoOp, bridging the gap between freelancers and boutique agencies to make the magic happen. Our focus is to connect multicultural audiences to brands, jobs, and peers through data-driven business, marketing, and advertising strategies. 924 CoOp hand selects the best marketers to achieve your dreams. 924 CoOp will save you time, work as efficiently as possible, and expand your mind along the way. We believe in creating our own lane to do dope work for our people and with our people.

How we plan to do it..

Our vision is to create authentic, culturally accurate, and bold marketing strategies for both businesses and professionals in a collaborative environment. We know that we can move businesses and our communities forward by collaborating. Our vision is to come together to form powerful teams to achieve our clients’ goals.

And what we don’t negotiate..

Our core values are to respect ourselves so we can respect our clients. We value community, both the ones given to us and the ones we create in our CoOp. We believe in treating people fairly, no matter where they came from, what they look like, or what they can do for us. We are givers, we are disruptors, and we believe in redefining agency life for many years to come.

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